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513/503/0513/0503 DIP & SIP SOCKETS Several size and plating options.
DIPs available with capacitor and ground plane for noise reduction (see D.S. 12015)
Cut SIPs to desired length
SIPs avail. 1-25 positions
C84/C93 DIP SOCKETS Anti-wicking design eliminates flux or solder contamination.
Dual-beam, Edge-Gripô contacts provide high retention and positive contact.
Side & end stackable.
C81/C91 & C82/C92 DIP SOCKETS Dual-beam, Edge-Gripô contacts provide high retention with positive wiping action.
Removable cover provides lower profile.
Side-to-side stackable.
511/501/0501/0511 DIP & SIP SOCKETS 3-point contact w/bifurcated pin
4-way chamfered lead-in les
Lead-in rails optional / DIPs
SIPs available with optional spacer for mounting on .300 [7.62] - 1.300 [15.24] ctr.
0517 PIN-LINE VERTISOCKETS For mounting components, jumpers, etc., at right angle to PC board.
Can be cut to desired length
518/508/0518/0508 DIP & SIP SOCKETS Open frame DIPs for better cooling-available with capacitor
SIPs avail. single/dual row
Several pin styles/plating options
Side & end stackable
Cut SIPs to desired length
CXXX DIP EJECTING SOCKETS Locks in & ejects DIP sockets and jumpers
Excellent vibration resistance
Damage-free, easy ejection of sockets & jumpers
Au or Sn plating
ROW-TO-ROW DIP ADAPTERS Converts DIP ICs from one row-to-row spacing to another
Satndard or low-profile
600/0600 DIP & SIP HEADERS Coined contacts provided extra thickness at solder area
Protective Covers available for DIPs in 5 heights
Cut SIPs to desired length
SipS avail. 1-25 positions
625/0625 DIP & SIP HEADERS High reliability machined contacts
Multiple pin counts
Cut SIPs to desired length
SIPs avail. 1-25 positions