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FUSION BONDED CABLE JUMPERS Solderable or pluggable into PC boards or sockets.
Each jumper is shipped with protective tabs on both ends for maintaining proper conductor spacing.
FLAT PIN STAKED FLEX JUMPERS These combine thin, flexible, solid Copper Conductors embedded between layers of tough, flexible, flame- retardant insulation.
Terminate with male pins and/or female receptacles.
High Temp & 90o available.
SIP/DIP PLUG JUMPERS Male or female DIP plugs available in many configurations.
10-color cable allows for easy identification and tracing.
Pitch bar on Deci-Center jumpers help maintain .100 [2.54] conductor spacing.
IN-LINE JUMPERS ON .100 [2.54] CTRS. 10-color cable allows for easy identification and tracing.
Options include Series 156/157 with rugged male pins.